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"To uncover the secrets of NFL success, TwoMinuteWarning has correlated teams' statistics in key categories with their overall records..." -- New York Times

“According to research by the website, which studied nine seasons of exhibition games and how those related to regular-season results..."
- Los Angeles Times

“Turnovers are a better predictor of success than any statistic other than points scored, according to research by ..."
- Chicago Sun-Times

“James' insights should have inspired the serious students of America's other national game, football, to overturn their status quo...Innovative football stat Web site, TwoMinuteWarning has done some regression analysis for (Titans coach) Schwartz..." -

“A study by the football web site shows that NFL teams generally get little return for big money spent on individual players..."
- Forbes

"TwoMinuteWarning features the most innovative -- and, from a gambling perspective, powerful -- NFL stats you're likely to find from any source."
-- Las Vegas Sun

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