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Game Charters Needed

Do you want to be a part of the Moneyball revolution in the NFL? We will be tracking even more data than we've done in the past for the coming 2005 season and we need to add a few more people to our charting teams.

Join us as we shake up some of the conventional wisdom about NFL statistics!

NFL fanatics wanted

As part of our ongoing efforts to be the ultimate source for NFL statistics, we are looking to chart every game of the NFL 2005 season at an unparalleled level of depth.

To achieve these ambitious goals though we will need to increase our game charting team. So if you're eager to spend some quality time getting to know the NFL at never-seen-before levels of detail, contact us.


  1. Be extremely familiar with the NFL
  2. Have a passion for sports statistics
  3. PC computer and be computer savvy
  4. Have time available (~5 hrs per week)
  5. Detail oriented, reliable, innovative thinker
** Bonus points for those with NFL Ticket and Tivo/DVR


  • Track assigned NFL games for additional data points
  • Give feedback on tracking software, charting process
This work can be done from wherever you live now, and there will be some flexibility in timing.


"How much work will this be?"

- one of the main short term goals is to get a handle on how much time it takes per game to chart at the levels we are seeking. It's likely to fall between 2-3 hours per game. While we have not resolved how we will structure the charting team, it's likely charters will cover one game per week.

"How much will I be paid, what other benefits are there"

- this depends on the amount of funding we secure and the time it takes to do a game (or partial game). We hope to pay charters a decent amount along with other perks:

  1. working "in the NFL" and providing data that will be published to a national audience as well as being used by actual NFL teams and coaches to make better decisions and win more games
  2. exposure for your abilities and NFL ideas via the site, and we fully expect this project to attract attention from all the teams in the league, not to mention college schools as well...in other words charting can help establish your credibility as a "football person"
  3. some access to TwoMinuteWarning data for your own research and analysis
  4. publishing opportunities for original articles and analysis on the site (again with some monetary compensation)
  5. the satisfaction gained from being involved in this mega data collection and analysis endeavor
In essence we hope that charting games will be a fun activity with some modest compensation attached as well as fringe benefits. It can be viewed as an initial contribution with TwoMinuteWarning that can lead to a more prominent role both on the site and with our team partners.

Interested? Drop us a line and tell us about your background, interest in the NFL, and why you want to be a game charter.

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