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The wide world of NFL Handicapping

There are a lot of people stepping forward and hanging a shingle that says "professional handicapper" on a web site. So how can you tell the legitimate multi-person organization from some tech savvy teenager flipping a coin?

Before spending any of your money on NFL predictions advice you may want to run through a few evaluations of what you are seeing and what you are being told.

Comparing NFL Handicapping services

There's no shortage of people claiming to be experts at predicting how upcoming NFL games will play out. How does compare to traditional handicapping services?

Category for comparison TwoMinuteWarning Typical Handicappers
Started online NFL coverage 1997 In some cases 2 weeks ago, mostly within last 1-2 years.
References Work praised by many major media sources, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist magazine, Las Vegas Review-Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, etc. Shady 'online monitoring' service, made-up 'testimonials'
Partners ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, America's Line, FootballOutsiders, KFFL,, FootballGuys, FantasyGuru... Offshore sportsbooks
Research Extensive archive of articles investigating predictive power for wagering applications, as well as fantasy research, and projects geared towards assisting NFL coaches and front office personnel. Little to none.
Past Record claims Multiple tools and columnists with long range 55%-63% success rates. Meticulous records kept for all predictions using a neutral, consensus line. Frequently 70%+ (or in the worst cases 80-90%). Pick documentation often dubious. Use of highly advantageous and non-existent lines common.
Free content Articles, research, exclusive data (red zone stats, drive chart numbers, play-by-play ratings), innovative player stats, office pool coverage, guest contributors, regular columnists, free best bets and free picks taken directly from subscriber content... Occasional free pick, often downplayed as a marginal play with the 'good picks' reserved for paying customers
Data resources Databases extending back 20+ years for conventional/official NFL statistics, 7-10 years for exclusive stats (drive charts, play-by-play, etc). Adept with programming and querying. Innovative stats and ratings charted from game tapes. Reads USA Today sports section.
Subscriber Content Official selections backed by 20+ features updated each week that cover a diverse range of handicapping approaches, such as red zone stats, quantifying injuries, statistical game simulation engines, contrarian indicators, advanced trends analysis, innovative/research-backed statistical projections, etc. Picks, usually with star-system weights. Some discussion perhaps of the reasons for liking a play. Talk of "locks" and can't miss winners...
Original Thinking Pioneer in many areas of NFL analysis and stats gathering, groundbreaking research, and new approaches to predicting NFL outcomes. Well versed in run of the mill forms of analysis. In some instances hype 'inside information' contacts.
Privacy Policy Personal information is never released, sold or distributed. Your personal data for sale to anyone who asks. Your info given to fellow touts, sportsbooks, bookies, spam emailers, etc.
Sales Approach Low-key, relying on word of mouth, respect commanded by partnerships and overall credibility, along with expansive free content to showcase style and quality of the coverage. High-pressure, will say anything to get you in, with frequent upselling to more expensive options ("silver club" versus "platinum plays").
Cost Just $89 for full season subscriber access (thru 8/31). $799, $999, $1500...or they ask you how much you intend to bet on a game and price accordingly!

Now to be fair we have obviously gone through this exercise to point out how good we look in comparison to the 'typical handicapper' you might come across. There are however a number of people we do respect with their own services who provide honest, quality analysis and coverage of the NFL -- these people often subscribe to TwoMinuteWarning themselves! (to give them the perspective they need for their own handicapping and access to the best tools in the business.)

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