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NFL Straight-Up Office Pool Picks

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These picks are ideal for people playing in office pools where the spread is not considered. For those playing in a pool with point spreads, you may prefer to look at our spread picks.

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Straight-Up Quick Picks

The quick-picks as their name suggests are arrived at in a speedy fashion to meet the tight Tuesday deadline. They represent not so much a heavily analyzed selection, but rather a "first look" at a game using one or more of our statistical tools. For all their shortcomings though, they are a well-intentioned attempt at making good early picks, and as the season progresses they should become more reliable as our statistics and ratings themselves gain greater predictive value.

Straight-Up Quick Picks for NFL Week 21, 2011
Quick Pick
Pittsburgh vs Green Bay
Green Bay

Last week: 15-1 (127 points) --- did you win your pool!!!!

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